Wednesday, May 04, 2005

INFJ for Business Career

Posted in BW Forums, 5/4/05:

INFJ is an idealist type, so it's probably more suitable for academic, poet, writer, motivational speaker, religious ministry, social works. In business world, maybe consulting fits best (an idealist has a strong drive to possess a deep understanding over a subject and to find 'the best' potential solution to a problem), not sure about marketing but I feel that's a possibility too.
I think INFJ studying/doing business would tend to focus on their studies/analysis/technical skills (INFJ is probably the most introverted amongst all I types). When they study something, they'd study it deeply. While the specific expertise will likely be their greatest strength, they really need to learn interpersonnal skills to succeed: how to work in team, how to relate with colleagues, how to communicate what's in your mind in order to influence/lead others.

INFJs in leadership position would be, I believe, a strongly charismatic & inspiring leader. Their effectiveness would heavily depend on their communication ability. They would be best complemented by people with street-wise/know-how who are sold out to the INFJ's values and goals.

If you're an INFJ who's still in school and thinking about what to do for a career, I would suggest you choose a field that intrigues you the most and focus on it. You have the potential to succeed in any field if you put your heart & mind & energy into it.

"Do you think an INFJ could be a good entrepreneur? "

I hope so and I do believe so. I also hope to start my own company one day. As I said earlier, INFJs tend to focus on the philosophical or romantic or idealistic objectives. They tend to have a holistic view of things (always think big pictures). However, they tend not to give enough attention on the technical details. They tend to set aside/forget the valuable details of things that they have learned in the past (I've read that INFJs are the most N [iNtuitive] type, and the least S [Sensing] type).

For future INFJ entrepreneurs, I'd suggest you to prepare yourself by developing the oft-neglected skills. For example, soft skills such as communication, negotiation, managerial, sales/marketing. Don't only "know" about these skills, practice it hard by actually doing it. Writing/journaling your thoughts will help you to communicate your thoughts clearly. Additionally, try not to forget any valuable work experiences & learnings you've gained in the past; master these problems & be prepared to use them anytime in the future.
Without attention to this kind of details, your dream, however reasonable it is, won't come true. Do dream big dreams but start preparing from now. Dream to build that wall of China and start laying up the bricks now.


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